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The Goods are Here has everything you want up for purchase; Comic Books, Zines, Stickers, & Screen Printed Posters. Check it Out!


If Digital's Your Thing

Available in Popular formats CBZ and PDF, you can read Screw Comics! in your favorite eReader.

It's All in the Past

Peep the old Blogspot website featuring posts from 2010-2022. See and read things like Old Comic strips, Illustrations, Art pieces, Old Photos, and even old Op Eds.


Where I'll Be

Comic Cons, Book Fests...When I table at a show I bring what you see in the online store plus my bin of Original Art and other goodies.

Saturday May, 18th 2024 - ZFH presents Comix Gauntlet: Create 7 Pages in 7 Hours - Art Show & Reception 7pm @ Alabama Song - FREE Event

Been at this for

22+ Years

Comic Books, Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Publishing, Logos, Propaganda, Writing, Animation, Sound Production, Art Direction, Adjunct Profession

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